Installing Replacement Windows Syracuse NY


How old are the windows in your home? If you live in an older property, it's possible that your windows are causing a lot of problems for you. You should look into replacement windows Syracuse NY to find the windows that you want with Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse.


Focus On Finding Energy Efficient Windows 


When you look at different windows, one of the main things you'll want to focus on is whether or not the windows are energy efficient. Winters in Syracuse can get fairly cold. If your windows aren't energy efficient, a lot of cold air will be able to get into your home through the windows. This means that heating your home can be a lot more costly. 


Energy efficient windows could drastically reduce your heating costs, which means that the windows you choose could actually wind up paying for themselves in time. They can also make it easier for you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Most modern windows are energy efficient, but you should still make this one of your top priorities. 


Look Closely At The Protection That Windows Provide 


Windows are one of the things that stand between your home and the elements. You're going to want to choose sturdy windows that will be able to keep your home secure. When you're evaluating a window, you should see what that window will be able to do to protect your home. 


If you're considered about winds, rain, and snow, you might want to search for windows that are designed to provide extra protection during storms. If you're worried about people breaking and entering, you'll want to find windows that are made from very strong material. You deserve to feel secure in your home, and you should try to find windows that leave you feeling more secure. 


Search For Affordable Windows 


Buying new windows can actually be a smart investment. New windows can do a lot to increase the value of your home, and, as mentioned above, it can also lower your utility bills. With that said, you'll have to think about how much money you can realistically afford to spend on your new windows. 


If your budget is very limited, but you still want to purchase high-quality windows, you may want to look into financing options. There are things that can make replacement windows Syracuse NY a lot easier to install. Go over your budget carefully, then start looking at some of the options within that budget. Make sure you're able to get the windows that you want at the right price. You may want to explore discounts so that you can get the windows you want for less.


Work With The Right Installation Company 


Unless you're a trained professional, you're not going to be able to install your new windows on your own. You're going to want to work with an installation service that will be able to put in your new windows for you. You should make sure that you work with a company that is highly qualified. It's a good idea to spend some time researching some of the different companies in the Syracuse area that provide this service.


You'll want to find a trustworthy company that will be able to install your new windows without any issues. If you've taken the time to find excellent windows for your home, then you'll want to take a few extra steps so that you can be sure your windows have been installed correctly. 


What kinds of qualities will you want to look for? When it comes to window installation, having the right experience is definitely important. You'll want to work with a Syracuse-area company that has been doing this sort of work for at least a few years. You'll also want to look at customer feedback. Whether you read reviews or ask a company to provide you with some references, you'll want to be confident that the company you select will do a great job for you. 


Even if you'd like to install your new windows right away, this isn't a process that you have to rush through. You should try to make sure that you've chosen the right windows, and you'll also want to be confident that you've chosen the best available company to install the windows that you've picked out.


Make Sure Your Windows Are Under Warranty 


If you have any issues with your new windows in the future, you're going to want to make sure you have an easy way to resolve these problems. In many cases, your new windows will be under warranty for a number of years. Of course, you can't assume that the windows you've selected come with a lifetime warranty. You'll want to verify that there is a warranty beforehand, and you're also going to want to see what is covered under that warranty. 


If something does go wrong with your windows, you'll want to make sure you can correct the issue swiftly. If you don't have a warranty, dealing with these problems could be a huge headache. A warranty can also be an indicator of quality. Don't buy windows that don't come with a warranty.


Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse offers a True Lifetime Warranty that covers materials and labor for as long as you own your home.  The warranty is also transferrable to the next homeowner for 30 year.


If you're interested in installing replacement windows Syracuse NY, you're going to want to start learning more about the windows that are available to you and the companies that install them. Take the time to choose windows that you'll be happy with for many years to come, and make sure that the windows you've selected are professionally installed.  


Call Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse for a Free No-Obligation In-Home Estimate at 315-288-6855 or fill out the contact form on our website and one of our representatives will contact you.


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Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors Are Elegant and Budget Friendly


When you are building a new house or making improvements to the old one, you will look to having a choice for doors and windows and choose those that add to the elegance of your home. Vinyl sliding glass doors add beauty and tranquility to any living space and the wide varieties that are available can make the choice easier. 


Our vinyl doors have an extensive range of design, color, and textures and you can choose the one that suits your taste and yet fits in with any contemplated decor. These doors have a Rigid structure that makes them lighter and kinder on the frame and tracks. They are also budget friendly. Vinyl sliding doors in Syracuse NY will make for beautiful entrances and frames can be made to suit any decor. Vinyl is a great material for windows and doors and it can be made to mimic any other material to make it look more stylish. These doors are also energy efficient, besides being relatively inexpensive that makes them cost-effective. They can easily withstand harsh weather, and you will never have the problem of their corroding or rotting, while as they are not painted, they will never peel, flake, chip or fade and are covered under our lifetime warranty.  


Some of the options available on our Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors are colors, grids, glass packages and trim.  We have many different color options to match your home.  Our grids are installed between the glass to make cleaning easier and come in flat and contoured shapes.  The grid patterns come in colonial, prairie and double prairie.  They can also be painted to match the window or be made in woodgrain.  Etched glass designs are also available on our doors.  Our glass packages for Sliding Glass Doors coming in many different ways.  Clear glass, low-e, argon & Krypton gas, super spacer, double pane, triple pane, and tempered are some of the options available.


Safety is one aspect that you have to consider when you are planning to install vinyl sliding glass doors, especially if they are installed at entrances, patios, or any other wall that leads to the outside of the home. Most sliding doors will have a lock on one side, typically within the handle, and it is this lock that acts to hold the door to the frame. You can enhance safety and add to this lock by installing a slide locking bar that is a thick metal bar that is cut in such a way that it fits into the bottom track on the door. Lock up the home for the night or when you plan an evening outside the home, by fitting the bar into the track. This will keep the door from being opened. You can also add to the security by changing the lock to a commercial lock that has two bolt locking systems. Another option is to add an alarm system to all your openings for added safety.


Maintenance is a must for sliding glass doors and this is most needed for its rollers and the tracks on which they move. The tracks must always be clean of dust and debris, and rollers need to fit snugly so that they cannot leave any gap that allows the door to be lifted off the track and bypass any lock.  While you may never need to do any maintenance to your door, if you ever feel that it is not opening or closing freely you can lube the wheels/track or just call us to come out and take a look at it.


Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse has a beautiful line of Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors in Syracuse with many options to choose from.  If you are looking for a door for your house or are just curious as to the cost, feel free to give us a call to schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate @ 315-288-6855.


When it comes to home improvement, it’s important to remember that your . This should happen roughly every 10 to 20 years as they start to decay with age. Over time, the seals will start to weaken and allow more dust, wind, and heat to enter your home. This can result in higher utility bills, as it will cost you more to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Window replacements cannot and should not be done on your own. Getting a professional to fix or install your new windows correctly is the smart thing to do. There are so many mistakes that you could make with your windows which may cost you more in the long run. Here are some of those mistakes that you should know to avoid:

Choosing the Wrong Window Type
Try not to buy any windows that are off-brand. Make sure to buy from a company or brand that you trust and know will give you high-quality products. Get windows that come with a warranty at a price you can afford, and a style that suits your home. It may be tempting, but maybe buying the windows you had previously isn't the best idea. If they didn't last as long as you hoped and actually need replacing, this might be a hint to get a newer, better brand of windows that might last longer. Newer models made to outlast older products may be a better idea for your home. Update your home with some higher-quality windows and give yourself some options to spruce up your home.

Don't Just Look at the Price Tag
Cost is an essential factor, but it isn't the most important or only consideration to make. You get what you pay for, so do not skimp out on windows to save money. Look at it as an investment because higher quality windows will help you save more money in the long run. Better quality windows will also last longer, meaning that you’ll get to wait longer until you will have to pay for another replacement, if needed. They will outlast the old ones and may be able to get by due to better materials used. Fixing them will keep them looking new and working well.

DIY-ing It
You may not know how to install new windows yourself correctly. If you want your windows to work efficiently, last longer, and look great, it's best to leave the window installation to the pros. Replacing windows on your own could cost you more money upfront if you are doing it incorrectly. Hiring a professional means that someone who has the expertise, knowledge, and experience replacing many windows will be doing it for you. This means that you will get it done more efficiently and quickly, not to mention that it will be done correctly the first time around. There are tons to do like fitting the frame, glazing, insulating, installing seals and more. It takes skill to do all of this just right.

Don't Forget Your Location
Only experts know that some materials just don't work in certain areas. You need to take humidity, heat, and moisture into consideration as well. Speak to someone about what materials will last longer in your location.

Don't Overlook Your Design
Something that looks fantastic in the store will not necessarily look good on your home. Consider your design and how the window you want will match the overall aesthetic of it. Even if you are looking to switch things up, make sure that everything looks good together as a whole.

Security Measures
You want to remember to consider security when looking at replacement windows. The glass's resistance to impact, the glazing, and the tint are all considerations to take in for the security and privacy that your new windows will provide you with.


Contact Universal Windows Syracuse today to get professional, high-quality window replacements in Syracuse.

If you’re having a problem with the , the solution may be to replace them. To help you with that, here’s our nine-step guide to replacing a window:

1. Know which window to buy
A lot of people think that all windows are the same, and it may come as a surprise for you when we tell you that they’re not. Some window models are incompatible with certain window frames, so you have to understand what type of frame you have to ensure that you can actually install the new window properly. If you’re not sure about the type of window that will fit in your frame, you could take pictures of the current window and the frame and take it to the nearest window shop so that they can determine what you need.

2. Measure out the window
Before you go out and buy a window, you have to make sure you have the precise measurements of your windows; otherwise, the new windows won’t fit.

3. Gently remove the old window
If you’re too harsh with the process of removing the trim and stops around the window, you could end up damaging the frame. That may be a problem when you’re trying to install a new window. You have to be delicate and careful with how you remove these parts; use a utility knife to cut off the trim and a pry bar to wiggle out the window. When you’re prying out the window stops, be as gentle as you can with the movement so that you don’t end up damaging them, as they can be used for your new windows.

4. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff
If your house has been passed down for generations, you may have sash cords or chains close by the window. If so, it may be a good idea to remove them as long as the removal won’t damage the window frame. If that’s not possible, you can simply put them in their socket or hide them away in the frame so that they don’t interfere with the window installation.

5. Try dry fitting
Before you secure the window in place, do a dry fitting to see if the new window fits with the frame how it’s supposed to. You have to measure out the window shims to determine whether the fit is good or not. Once the shims are in place, mark that spot on the wall so you know how to align the window. If there are some significant gaps between the window and the old shims, then you’ve ordered a wrong sized window and will have to replace them with the correct size.

6. Remove the packing clips
Your new windows will come with packing clips to ensure that the covers don’t jiggle around in the package. Before you install your new window, you have to make sure that you unscrew these clips off before you install the window. If you don’t, the windows are never going to fit.

7. Put the window in place
Now that you have the frame ready, the next thing to do is to put the new window in place. First, you will have to caulk the sill with a light sealant for the first layer, and then put the new window into the opening. Measure the four corners to see if they fit properly and are in alignment. Try tapping on the windows to see how they fit, but not too hard - you don’t want to knock the shims out. Once everything fits in place, you can screw in the window.

8. Test it out
If you have a swing window, try it out and see if the swing arc is smooth. You don’t want a new window to make any unusual cracking sound like an old window would. If you have a sliding window, check if the sliding is smooth and make sure that there’s no overlap between the sliding rail.

9. Caulk the window

Once everything checks out, you can caulk both the inside and outside of the window and put the window stops on. When they’re all in place, tighten the rest of the screws in place, and there you have it! Your newly installed window is in place.


today to get professional, high-quality window replacements in Syracuse.