Home repair isn’t something that people want to do on a regular basis. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort, and most of us want to avoid doing it as much as possible. Among these repairs, is probably one of the biggest hassles of all. You have to worry about removing all of the shards properly so that your family member isn’t at risk of stepping on any unseen shard. This is why vinyl window might be the better option overall and here’s why.


How long should your vinyl windows last?

How long vinyl window lasts totally depends on the quality of the product, the installation process, and the weather condition in your area. If both the quality of the products and the installation is top-notched, and the window isn’t exposed to a harsh environment, the window can last up to 20 to 25 years without any additional maintenance aside from regular cleaning.


The best quality window so that it doesn’t break easily. Also, better quality vinyl windows are weather and scratch-resistant. Each installer works with a different set of standards, so you need to make sure that their standard is up-to-par. Ask them about the installation process and keep a close eye on how they take care of your property, as this will be the first signs of a good service.


Window Warranties
The top quality window installation services will offer you a warranty for all of their products and services. Some of them will offer a warranty that covers an entire life expectancy of the vinyl window, which is around 20 to 25 years as mentioned. Most service providers won’t be that generous, but that doesn’t mean that their products and services are of a lower quality. When choosing a window service to work with, you want to talk to them in detail about their warranty plan and the coverage. Some will offer you an entirely new one if anything is to happen with the one that you’re buying with a free installation policy. Others might only give you a replacement if the window is faulty for any reason, and the decision is entirely up to you. Weigh out the benefits to see which shops give you the best offer.


How to ensure you’re buying quality windows

If you’re not a window expert, it’s difficult to distinguish a bad quality window and installation service. A good way to find out the quality of both is by checking the online reviews for the model and the shop that you’re looking to hire.


Some reviews are incredibly detailed, and they can give you a clear idea of the product and the service. On-site testimonials are also great places to read about what’s the strong points of each service. When it comes to the quality of the windows you’re buying, you can look at the specifications and its weather resistance scale to ensure that you’re getting the right one.

If you’re looking to improving the appearance and effectiveness of your existing windows, there are tons of options to consider if you want to . You can go for simple, low budget easy fixes such as replacing weatherstripping or installing window films or you could splurge and opt for solutions that require you to replace the entire window with a new one. More often than not, homeowners make their decision without actually understanding their options or evaluating the outcome, which can be improved energy efficiency and cost savings, or even the age of the existing windows.


You don’t have to wait until they’re completely shot before you start to consider a replacement, as it will be worth the investment if you get a good replacement done by a professional. Check your window warranty and see if there are some simple fixes you can make that will replenish your existing windows. If you discover that you need a complete replacement and your warranty is over, you will need to start looking into replacements. But don’t be hasty, here are some signs that you actually need a complete replacement:

Cracked Pane or Frame
A chip can be fixed with weatherstripping or just hardware replacement. But if your frame or pane is warped, broken or is damaging the window, it should be replaced. Not only is it unattractive, but can compromise the efficiency of the insulation, siding, and heating or air conditioning. Cracks can also bring unwanted bugs and other pests.

Fogged Glass

This is usually only a problem with double- or triple-paned windows because condensation gets trapped between the windowpanes, usually from conspicuous openings or holes. A regular double-paned window is not as efficient as an air-filled one. So once it begins to leak, you should consider replacing it.

Soft Frame
For wooden windows, excess water and dampness can extra cause the windowsill to rot on the outside of the house. If the wooden sill feels soft to the touch, it might be time to consider replacing the entire window and frame on the exterior. Even if you don’t notice any other defects on your windows, the window is likely to start breaking down soon.

Continuously opening and closing your windows creates small grooves that, with time, the stress can cause cracks to the frame. Depending on how severe these cracks are, they may cause the door to stick while opening and may be an indicator that your windows need replacing.

The only time a window should let air in is if it is opened. But if there are cold drafts getting into your home through other openings besides the vents, even after weatherstripping a few times, it may be time to get new windows installed.

Energy Bills
Your whole utility bill goes towards heating and cooling your home. If you notice your energy consumption increasing, it is possible that your windows are the problem. Replacing old, drafty, windows can result in savings in your energy costs.

If you notice signs of aging windows, you should decide whether or not to fix your existing windows or replace them. Get an expert to help you evaluate and make your decision. But if you’ve had the same ones as the last millennium, you should definitely replace them to enjoy the benefits of recent window technologies.


Replacement windows in Syracuse add significantly more value and more functionality to your home without detracting from the look and feel of it. If you’ve decided that replacement windows are for you, get in touch with us today so that you can start looking for the perfect modern windows that will complement your home’s historic charm.


Buying replacement windows can be stressful, especially when it comes to choosing a reliable company to make and install them. There are several things you should consider when deciding on a , and it is important you make the best decision for your investment.


What Should I Look for in a Replacement Window Company?

Replacement windows are an investment in your home, safety, and comfort. A product that is going to look great and last, is going to cost more than the basic window.

Perhaps more important than the cost is the value. Find out what you’re getting for your money.


Replacement Window Comparison



When looking for a good window investment, it’s important to find a company that you trust. Ask the company how long they have been in business and review their website for past customer testimonials. Also, ask for references to determine whether or not they are a reliable company.



You want to make sure your window replacements look great and last for years. Sure, there are bargain windows, but these are often smaller than average or are just of lesser quality. If you want a beautiful, quality product that will last, expect to pay more than low prices.



Proper window installation is crucial to your new windows. We provide professional installation services, which are vital to the lifespan of your windows. Let our professionals handle the window installation process for you, and make it easy and stress-free.



It is essential to check the accreditations and certifications of the replacement window company you are researching. When shopping for windows, do not accept a verbal promise that windows are certified. Ask to see documentation of the certification before purchasing your windows.



You have the right to make sure your window installation is covered by a guaranteed warranty. Find out who is responsible and what the process is for scheduling service, should an issue



Find High-Quality Windows at an Affordable Price

Before you choose a window company, it’s important that you decide in advance what type of window is best for your home. Most companies specialize in one type of window, vinyl, wood or vinyl-clad aluminum, so it is important to decide what you are looking for ahead of time. There are a lot of windows available, but the difference in quality, construction, engineering, and installation can be shocking. When looking for high-quality replacement windows, it is important to consider style, energy efficiency, air infiltration, water penetration, structural grade, design, and detail.


What Window Style is Best for My Home?

There are many different window styles, but the one best suited for your home will be determined by how you plan to use it. A window company should offer many styles of windows, available in custom shapes and sizes, to fit every style of home. Here are some styles to consider as well as the ideal location and use for each:


Double-Hung Windows

Great for walls next to patios, decks, and walkways, double-hung windows remain flush with walls and tilt-in for easy cleaning.


Sliding Windows

Gliding, or sliding, windows can be found in areas where it may be difficult to lift or close a window, such as above a kitchen sink or behind a bathtub.


Awning & Casement Windows

Stanek’s awning and casement windows open outward and are often found in bedrooms and living rooms, where they can provide maximum ventilation.


Bow & Bay Windows

These windows can create a beautiful focal point or a cozy reading nook in a favorite room of your home.


Custom Shape Windows

Stanek offers decorative windows in a variety of custom shapes and sizes, which allows for endless possibilities.


Finding an affordable but reliable window company may be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Schedule a free, in-home estimate with our professionals today and make a great buying decision.

Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Winter



Today’s dual-paned windows are twice as effective of temperature retention as the single-paned windows used decades ago. These numbers can reduce the amount you pay on your heating or cooling bill. By replacing your outdated windows, you can increase retention and save energy and money. It is a good investment for the long run.



Maybe it’s time to upgrade and find an alternative to solid wood windows before they rot. . If you want to stick to the wooden look, you can always get wood windows covered by a cladding, an aluminum skin, which is more expensive, but worth the investment. They can come in your color of choice and will last you 20 years, guaranteed.



Just because your old windows are drafty, rattly, or won’t stay open doesn’t mean you have to

replace them. A window restoration specialist or even a highly skilled handyman or carpenter can get the job done. Most likely, they will be able to replace broken panes, sash cords, hardware, and glazing and add weather-stripping. This kind of work can cost up to $300 and by the time they’re done, your windows may be good as new. But if you’re looking to lower your energy costs, replacement windows will be more efficient.



Most homeowners get about 73% of their replacement window investment back when they resell the house. The wrong windows could bring the value of your house down, but make sure to match the look of the original windows as replacing a valuable product with downscale products can deflect from its value. So when replacing, try to get it as close to the original as possible in quality and aesthetics.


Consider Before Replacing

When replacing windows,  there are a couple of ways you can do it. A contractor can pull them off the interior and exterior wall and install a whole new unit, insulate the gaps and then reinstall the trim. Or you can install a window insert, a small unit that fits inside the existing opening, without the need for removing the existing trim, which usually saves $150 to $300 per window in labor costs, but doesn’t allow for insulating the air gaps around window openings, so it may not be as energy efficient as the first replacement method.


Replacement windows in Syracuse add significantly more value and more functionality to your home without detracting from the look and feel of it. If you’ve decided that replacement windows are for you, get in touch with us today so that you can start looking for the perfect modern windows that will complement your home’s historic charm.