If you’re having a problem with the , the solution may be to replace them. To help you with that, here’s our nine-step guide to replacing a window:

1. Know which window to buy
A lot of people think that all windows are the same, and it may come as a surprise for you when we tell you that they’re not. Some window models are incompatible with certain window frames, so you have to understand what type of frame you have to ensure that you can actually install the new window properly. If you’re not sure about the type of window that will fit in your frame, you could take pictures of the current window and the frame and take it to the nearest window shop so that they can determine what you need.

2. Measure out the window
Before you go out and buy a window, you have to make sure you have the precise measurements of your windows; otherwise, the new windows won’t fit.

3. Gently remove the old window
If you’re too harsh with the process of removing the trim and stops around the window, you could end up damaging the frame. That may be a problem when you’re trying to install a new window. You have to be delicate and careful with how you remove these parts; use a utility knife to cut off the trim and a pry bar to wiggle out the window. When you’re prying out the window stops, be as gentle as you can with the movement so that you don’t end up damaging them, as they can be used for your new windows.

4. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff
If your house has been passed down for generations, you may have sash cords or chains close by the window. If so, it may be a good idea to remove them as long as the removal won’t damage the window frame. If that’s not possible, you can simply put them in their socket or hide them away in the frame so that they don’t interfere with the window installation.

5. Try dry fitting
Before you secure the window in place, do a dry fitting to see if the new window fits with the frame how it’s supposed to. You have to measure out the window shims to determine whether the fit is good or not. Once the shims are in place, mark that spot on the wall so you know how to align the window. If there are some significant gaps between the window and the old shims, then you’ve ordered a wrong sized window and will have to replace them with the correct size.

6. Remove the packing clips
Your new windows will come with packing clips to ensure that the covers don’t jiggle around in the package. Before you install your new window, you have to make sure that you unscrew these clips off before you install the window. If you don’t, the windows are never going to fit.

7. Put the window in place
Now that you have the frame ready, the next thing to do is to put the new window in place. First, you will have to caulk the sill with a light sealant for the first layer, and then put the new window into the opening. Measure the four corners to see if they fit properly and are in alignment. Try tapping on the windows to see how they fit, but not too hard - you don’t want to knock the shims out. Once everything fits in place, you can screw in the window.

8. Test it out
If you have a swing window, try it out and see if the swing arc is smooth. You don’t want a new window to make any unusual cracking sound like an old window would. If you have a sliding window, check if the sliding is smooth and make sure that there’s no overlap between the sliding rail.

9. Caulk the window

Once everything checks out, you can caulk both the inside and outside of the window and put the window stops on. When they’re all in place, tighten the rest of the screws in place, and there you have it! Your newly installed window is in place.


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