When you’re doing chores around the house, you need to make sure that you give your windows as much attention as the rest of the house. Well-maintained windows look better, they provide better security, and they will last a lot longer than if you were to leave it to the elements. If you want to make sure that your windows stay at peak conditions for longer, here are a few maintenance tips you can use to take care of your windows.

If you have a window with a wooden frame, you need to wipe it regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt that’s gathering on the surface. Avoid using too much water, as the excess moisture can cause the wood to rot and makes it easier for termites to eat it. For an aluminium or vinyl window frame, you can use a soft-bristled brush and a mild soap or detergent to get rid of the stains on the surface. Also, make sure you clean the window casing on the wall as well, as this area can collect a lot of dust and dirt without you noticing.

For the window itself, you can use a regular window cleaning product and a squeegee to clean both sides of the window.

Regular Inspection
A problem with your windows could be accumulating right under your nose and you might not even know it. This is why it’s important to have your windows thoroughly inspected by a professional regularly. For example, a might be collecting a lot of moisture between the gaps. This can cause a number of problems, like rusting or rotting, which can lead to the air seal losing its insulation property. This will lead to energy leaks during both the summer and winter, which can cause your energy bills to go up without knowing the reason.

An inspector can come to your home and tell you where the problems lie so that you can deal with them before it causes any trouble.

Air Seals
If you notice the air seal is getting loose or broken, you need to fix it right away. You can do this by replacing the rubber seals and cover it with insulation foam to help prevent the air from leaking through.

Painting the frame does a lot more for your window than simply making it look better. It prevents rusting and rotting, and it also protects the surface of the window frame from being directly exposed to the elements. This can increase the longevity of the window by several years. As a tip, you want to clean the frame before you start painting so that there’s no dust particle left on the surface. Also, avoid painting over the moving parts to prevent it from getting stuck.

Damaged Parts
If you see any cracks, holes, or damages on the surface of the window, you need to tend to it right away. The longer you leave the window unfixed, the faster the overall condition is going to deteriorate. If you notice these damages, we recommend you get rid of the damaged parts with a screwdriver and fill the holes with epoxy putty. You can apply the putty right inside the hole and wait for it to dry up. Once it’s dried, use sandpaper to smooth it out and paint over it.

If the damage is too significant, you might have to replace the entire frame or the window pane. This can be a complicated operation, and you might want to call in a professional to do it for you.

And there you have it, some great tips on how to keep your home windows looking like new. If you’re having a problem maintaining your windows or if you’re looking to replace your old window, please give us a call! We have a team of specialists that can take care of your windows the way it’s supposed to be done.


Replacement windows in Syracuse add significantly more value and more functionality to your home without detracting from the look and feel of it. If you’ve decided that replacement windows are for you, get in touch with us today so that you can start looking for the perfect modern windows that will complement your home’s historic charm.