Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Winter



Today’s dual-paned windows are twice as effective of temperature retention as the single-paned windows used decades ago. These numbers can reduce the amount you pay on your heating or cooling bill. By replacing your outdated windows, you can increase retention and save energy and money. It is a good investment for the long run.



Maybe it’s time to upgrade and find an alternative to solid wood windows before they rot. . If you want to stick to the wooden look, you can always get wood windows covered by a cladding, an aluminum skin, which is more expensive, but worth the investment. They can come in your color of choice and will last you 20 years, guaranteed.



Just because your old windows are drafty, rattly, or won’t stay open doesn’t mean you have to

replace them. A window restoration specialist or even a highly skilled handyman or carpenter can get the job done. Most likely, they will be able to replace broken panes, sash cords, hardware, and glazing and add weather-stripping. This kind of work can cost up to $300 and by the time they’re done, your windows may be good as new. But if you’re looking to lower your energy costs, replacement windows will be more efficient.



Most homeowners get about 73% of their replacement window investment back when they resell the house. The wrong windows could bring the value of your house down, but make sure to match the look of the original windows as replacing a valuable product with downscale products can deflect from its value. So when replacing, try to get it as close to the original as possible in quality and aesthetics.


Consider Before Replacing

When replacing windows,  there are a couple of ways you can do it. A contractor can pull them off the interior and exterior wall and install a whole new unit, insulate the gaps and then reinstall the trim. Or you can install a window insert, a small unit that fits inside the existing opening, without the need for removing the existing trim, which usually saves $150 to $300 per window in labor costs, but doesn’t allow for insulating the air gaps around window openings, so it may not be as energy efficient as the first replacement method.


Replacement windows in Syracuse add significantly more value and more functionality to your home without detracting from the look and feel of it. If you’ve decided that replacement windows are for you, get in touch with us today so that you can start looking for the perfect modern windows that will complement your home’s historic charm.