If you are a homeowner, you need to know about . Even if they’re in great condition now, there will come a day when your windows have to be replaced. You want to be informed when that day comes so you aren’t caught off guard. Window replacement comes with a lot of considerations. You get to pick the style, the material, and even the energy-efficiency of your new windows.


When you think it may be time to replace your windows, here are five steps you’ll have to take:


1 - Assess your windows

Windows definitely have a long lifespan but like any other thing they will eventually wear out. As a homeowner, you have to decide whether it’s really time for replacement windows or whether having them repaired will fix the problem.


If your windows leak, have spaces between the window and frame, or barely open and close, you’ll probably need to replace your windows. In a nutshell, if the structure of your windows has changed, it’s time for a replacement.


Besides the structure itself, you may want to consider the energy-efficiency of your windows. If you’ve been paying more for energy without using considerably more, it may be a sign that your windows aren’t insulating as well as they should be. They may even be letting a cold air in, which will not only make your home less comfortable but make your cooling and heating systems work harder. Fog between the panes is another indication that your windows need replacement.


2 - Select the type of windows you need

Your windows connect the inside of your home to the outside. They are part of both the interior and exterior design. It is for this reason that you should choose a window style that fits both the exterior and interior of your home. There are plenty of window types to choose from: double-hung, bay, bow, sliding, and even casement. Most window companies will be able to find you something that fits into your home, even if it’s a size they don’t normally carry. Remember - windows add not only functionality but aesthetic appeal to your home, even increasing its carrying value!


3 - Decide the energy-efficiency

The majority of your heat is lost through your windows. Oftentimes you’ll find that energy-efficient windows will save you quite a bit on your monthly energy bills. If you’re noticing that your bills are rising even if your use isn’t, consider getting your windows replaced with modern energy-efficient ones.


4 - Choose the material that suits your needs

Just as there are many styles of windows, there are many materials you can choose from, and they all have their pros and cons. Wood, aluminum, and vinyl frames are all popular. However, it’s also important to note that wood absorbs moisture more easily and will probably change shape over time, which means they often don’t last as long. The color can also fade and you’ll need to regularly paint or stain them to keep them looking good. Aluminum frames aren’t affected by moisture, but they do get oxidized. Additionally, they get affected by the weather outside and get hot or cold to the touch. Vinyl windows are often the best choice as they resistant against the weather and are made with strong, durable material. They also require the least amount of maintenance.


5 - Look for the best window replacement service for you

A window is only as good as its installer, so once you’ve determined exactly what you want, you need to put some time into finding a reputable window replacement service to install your new windows properly. Use the internet to your advantage and comb through their site, reviews, certifications, and anything else you can get your hands on to ensure you are making the best choice.


Replacement windows in Syracuse add significantly more value and more functionality to your home without detracting from the look and feel of it. If you’ve decided that replacement windows are for you, get in touch with us today so that you can start looking for the perfect modern windows that will complement your home’s historic charm.