A lot of old houses have dated, single-paned windows that, despite the rustic charm, don’t do much in terms of insulation. However, a lot of homeowners hesitate when it comes to window replacement because they think modern windows may completely change the look of the home. Are you considering a window change for your historic house? Here are a couple of things you should know:


Replace or Restore?

If you’re attached to your historic windows, perhaps you should consider restoring them instead of replacing them. Some window experts specialize in restoring panes, upper sashes, and weatherstripping. It may just be a matter of adding some interior or exterior storm windows to keep the nip in the air outdoors.


That being said, not every historic window can be restored. If yours has wooden frames that are beginning to soften and rot, there’s probably not much you can do. In such a circumstance, consider replacing your old windows with modern windows designed to look old.


If you are unsure about whether your windows should be replaced or restored, it would be a good idea to get a consultation from a window contractor who specializes in historic windows. Oftentimes you’ll find that there are some great options for your windows that will improve their functionality drastically while retaining their charm.


Here are three things you should keep in mind when deciding whether to replace  or restore:



Restored windows can add to the energy-efficiency quite significantly, but they will never be able to beat replacement windows. Replacement windows in Syracuse are built using recent technology, often made with triple panes and glass that is meant to insulate and protect.


Aesthetic Look

If you are considering selling your house in the near future, it’s even more of a reason to look into new, energy-efficient windows. Many new wood windows look fantastic in historic homes, able to find a balance between that old charm and functionality. You could even continue opting for windows with a divided light or windows that match the color of your old ones.


Even when replacing your windows, be sure to match the size of the original windows unless you’re planning to knock down an entire wall and rebuild with larger windows. If you are really unsure as to what to do, consult a window expert specializing in restoration of old windows or even your town’s historic preservation committee. They will help you find a way to find a good balance instead of having to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for functionality or the other way around.



You’ll find that replacing windows with modern ones with a historic look are just about always more expensive than replacing with economy modern windows. This is mostly due to the material - wood is a lot pricier compared to vinyl.


That being said, your windows are to your home what your eyes are to your face. It’s definitely not an area where you should go cheap as you’ll probably be sacrificing your home’s aesthetic appeal and lower its value on the market. For best results, you’ve got to spend a little more.


It’s pretty clear that replacement windows in Syracuse add significantly more value and more functionality to your home without detracting from the look and feel of it. If you’ve decided that replacement windows are for you, get in touch with an expert window company today so that you can start looking for the perfect modern windows that will complement your home’s historic charm.