The nights have been cold and even with the heat turned up, you can feel the drafts. There’s no doubt about it - you’ve got to replace your windows. But should you? Summer is over and the temperature is dropping. Winter is just about here, and it’ll be a few months until it starts to warm up again. Is it a better idea to endure the winter and replace them when it’s warmer? Or should you replace them now?


The warmth, the energy savings, and the cost-efficiency are often worth now.


Quite a few homeowners are afraid that their homes will get much too cold if they replace their windows during the winter months. However, a skilled window contractor is more than able to replace your windows while minimizing the impact on you and your household. The following three points are a couple of ways that you can keep as much heat inside as possible:


Shutting the interior doors. The most basic way to keep the heat inside is to physically keep it in by keeping the interior doors shut. There will certainly still be energy escaping, but not nearly as much as would be if the doors were open.


Replacing a window at a time. When your windows are removed and replaced one at a time, the energy loss will be minimized as only one room will be vulnerable at a time.


Installing a plastic sheet barrier. Don’t have an interior door blocking the rest of your house off from the room where the replacement window is being installed? No problem. A window contractor can install a floor-to-ceiling plastic sheet that will keep those cold breezes out.


Why should I replace my windows during winter?

Putting up with the cold temperature while your windows are being replaced may very well be worth it, and here’s why:


#1 - You may score a holiday discount

During the holidays, you can roam around stores and get candy, clothing, furniture, and much more at discounted prices. Window replacement services are no different. Many of them don’t have as much business during the winter off-season, so they may be willing to give you a pretty sweet discount for getting yours done during the colder months.


#2 - You’ll probably get a faster installation

Since there aren’t as many people getting their windows replaced, there are more window installment experts ready to service your home. They’ll probably be able to get yours done a lot more rapidly than usual. Of course, the cold weather is a motivation for them, too.


#3 - You’ll save energy throughout the rest of the winter

If you wait until spring, you’ll be faced with quite the energy bill during winter. Why wait to save energy? By replacing your windows now, you can save a lot of money on utility costs.


Why wait?

Don’t spend Christmas wrapped in thick coats in your own home. Replace your windows so you can enjoy a cozy, warm home with no worries. Need a consultation? Get in touch today!