Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows


Both are highly popular window options in the Syracuse area. They let in

much more lighting, look amazing both inside and outside of the home, and have a style and

sophistication that make them a better choice than flat windows for many homeowners.

Bay windows and bow windows are similar, in that the extend outward from the exterior of your home.

But there are many key design differences that can affect which one is the right choice for you.


 Bow windows have a more circular appearance than bay windows. That is because bow

windows are made up of 4 or 5 different windows (known as “angled projections”) while bay

windows only have three.


 The windows of bow windows are all the same size, which also helps give them their circular

appearance. Bay windows, on the other hand, have one large window in the middle that is

usually twice the size of the other two windows.


 The larger window of bay windows is always a fixed window, while the other two windows may

be fixed, or they may be able to open as vent windows. On bow windows, all windows can be

either fixed windows or vent windows.


 Bow windows tend to let in more light than bay windows do, while bay windows may provide a

bit more functional space in the home, and tend to extend further out on the property.

Bow windows may also be a fun addition to homes, because they can be placed on the corner of the

property – not just in traditional window locations. However, bow windows tend to require more labor

and have more parts, which may make them slightly more expensive than bay windows.

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