Spring Cleaning Tips for Windows

Now that winter has turned to spring, it is time to start thinking about how you want to spend your spring and summer. For most homeowners, that means giving your home a great cleaning, in order to enjoy your property more, let in more light, and spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

It also means taking care of your windows. For those that need new windows in Cicero, NY or Syracuse, NY, call Universal Windows Direct, today. But for those whose windows are still in good condition, consider the following tips for window spring cleaning.

·         Clean the Screens – Although everything deserves attention, the screens are frequently forgotten and important for making your sure windows last longer, stay protected, and are useful during the warmer months when you plan to keep the window open. If you clean it now, you’ll be more likely to use your windows later.

·         Give the Outer Windows a Deep Clean – Wiping down both the inside and the outside are important. But the outside is where grime can really build up. If you give it a thorough cleaning now, it will be easier to maintain in summer.

·         Wipe Down The Sill – You may also want to clean the sill. Not only is it important for the look of your home, but if you’re like most New Yorkers, you are likely going to be opening and closing your window often. If there is buildup, it may be harder to open and close, and that can potentially lead to damage.

Cleaning is cleaning. But windows will last longer and be much more functional if you go a bit deeper and try to address some of the areas that tend to experience more damage during summer. Thoroughly cleaning the outer window, the screens, and the window sill – rather than just wiping down the windows with Windex – can extend the life of your windows and make sure your home looks its brightest.