Signs a Window Needs Replacement

Most sell windows that were designed to last. You may have windows that were already in place when you bought your home, or you replaced them yourself in the past 20 years, it is not uncommon to assume that your windows will always be there to bring in light and protect you and your family from the cold.

But, the average window lifespan is only 10 to 20 years . In addition, windows can be affected by force, weather, temperature changes, and so much more. That means that, eventually, you will need to change your windows.

When Do Windows Need to Be Repaired?

If the windows shattered, repair is the obvious next step.  But sometimes, the need to repair a window may not be as obvious.  The following are some signs that your window may need to be repaired:

·         Energy Bill Has Increased

Your windows play a significant role in your energy expenditure. When they are working properly, your home’s heating and air conditioning system is more efficient.  But when your windows are starting to have problems, your heating and air conditioning costs are more likely to increase. Failed seals can reduce the energy efficiency of your windows.

·         There Are Gaps or Increased Numbers of Insects

Another sign that your window may need to be repaired, is an increased number of pests that seem to find ways and your property, or small cracks that never seem to close all the way. Anytime you have even the smallest gap in your window, insects, cool air, and other issues become increasingly common. 

·         You Want a New One

The look of windows has changed considerably in the last 20 years.  Now, there are windows that are more modern, Windows that are longer lasting, and windows that provide the look that you want from your property. You do not have to wait until your windows are falling apart before you replace them.  There are many amazing styles of windows that are perfect for homes across Syracuse, NY that increase your home’s value and give it a more modern look.

Window does not operate properly

Sometimes the window will not open or close properly.  The balance system may be broken causing the window to not stay up when opened or not open at all.  Broken locks and latches are also very common in old windows and can be a safety problem if they are not working properly. 

Degraded Vinyl Windows

Many older windows are made of lower grade vinyl causing it to degrade over time.  Discoloration, cracking, chipping and warping are many issues you may experience.  from Universal Windows Syracuse are only made from 100% virgin vinyl to ensure a lifetime of performance.

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