Can we get our windows replaced in the winter here in Syracuse,NY?


The answer is YES!  Of course Syracuse, NY  is one of the coldest and snowiest places on earth, but we don’t let that stop us!  At Universal Windows Syracuse we will take extra care installing your windows in the winter.  We wont take all the windows out at once, we will take out and replace one window at a time so only a very small part of your house is opened up to the winter elements.  When we are working in a bedroom we will make sure that door is closed to minimize the heat loss.  In addition to that we will take extra care going in and out of your home during the colder times of the year.  All of our exclusive Unishield windows are custom made to fit your exact window measurements so the installation will be performed quickly without and trouble.  Our professionally trained installers are trained to deal with the snow and winter cold and just about any other obstacles they can come across on a daily basis.


Replacing your windows in the winter time here in Syracuse is actually a smart move.  Many times companies run year ending specials which can result in you saving money, and who doesn’t like to save money?  In addition to the savings the time it takes to get your windows installed is reduced as this is typically a slower season for us and our schedule is not as full as it will be in the spring and summer.



So don’t let a little thing like the cold weather stop you from improving your home with new energy efficient windows from Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse.  Call now (315-288-6855) to take advantage of our winter specials, or fill out our easy contact form on our website ( to set up a Free consultation with one of our window design experts.