Ideally, you want to replace your roof before experiencing a roof failure.  Nobody wants to let their roof get to the point that they have leaks.  This could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that could be avoided if your roof is replaced at the appropriate time.  Is there a more important part of your house than the roof?  The one part of your home that keeps you dry from the wrath of mother nature?  I would say the roof is the most important part of a homes construction when it comes to basic needs and comfort.


So what are some signs that you may need a new roof?


Missing Shingles are a pretty obvious one

Is your roof sagging in some areas?  This could be a sign of more trouble beneath the shingles too.

Edges of shingles are curling or cupping

Missing granules on shingles

Abnormal coloring of the roof

Algae or Moss that has formed on shingles

A roof that is 20 or more years old


Any of the above issues are a sign that you may need a new roof.  We all know that having a properly built roof in Syracuse,NY is a very important thing to have.  There are many Syracuse Roofing Contractor you can call but not all of them are preferred contractors and are Fully Insured.  


If you would like a free roof inspection from a company that is Fully Insured with Great Roof Warranties, call Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse  at 315-288-6855.