Hiring a replacement window contractor in Syracuse is like you would do for any other home improvement project. One of the most important items to consider from your contractor is to ask for a certificate of insurance. You want to make sure your provider is fully insured with not only Liability insurance but also Workers Compensation insurance. Some smaller contractors will work for cash and pay workers cash  bypassing New York State insurance laws. This type of business can leave a homeowner responsible if a worker gets hurt on their property. Don’t make that mistake and always ask for proof of insurance from your window installer.


Check Reviews

Online review sites like Google Business, Facebook and Angie’s list are just a few websites that can offer reviews on Syracuse Window Contractors. These sites can really give you an idea of how a company treats its customers and the quality of their work.

Written Agreement

Get a written agreement that shows costs and services for your job. This will show what is expected to happen and how much it will cost you. When everything is in writing both parties know what is expected of each other and this will reduce any future disagreements.  Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse always operates from a written agreement agreeable to both parties.

Lifetime Guarantees

  • Does the company offer a Lifetime Guarantee on its windows? Get the details about any guarantee the company offers.  Window warranties are not all created equal.  Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse offers a TRUE Lifetime Warranty on all its windows.  This can take some of the risk away from hiring a company you are on the fence about.

Free Replacement Window Estimates

Do they offer free estimates?  Ask upfront if a there is a charge for an estimate.  Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse always gives free no-obligation estimate on replacement windows, vinyl siding and entry doors.

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