Fogged up windows?


Do you have trouble seeing out of your windows?  Is there moisture in between the panes of your glass resulting in water built up on the glass surface?  If so, most likely the seal has failed between the panes of glass.  This is a very common issue with double pane windows made with metal spacer systems.


What’s the problem with metal spacers?


When we have large temperature fluctuations your glass and frame expands and contracts.  The metal spacers don’t expand and contract at the same rates or at all.  This results in the glass pulling away from the spacer resulting in seal failure.  When this seal fails, moisture and dirt can get in between the panes of glass ruining your crystal clear view.   We know that most of the time where there is moisture there is mold.  Mold forming on your window spacer is an unhealthy condition in your home.  Another result of the moisture is rust forms on the spacer.  Who wants rusty and moldy windows in your home?


What are my other spacer options?


Here at Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse we use Super Spacer Technology in our exclusive Uni-Shield line of replacement windows.  Super Spacer is structural foam that maintains its flexibility throughout major variations in temperature and barometric pressure.  Super Spacer benefits are superior argon gas retention, optimized energy savings, condensation resistance, mold resistance and color stability.  Of course with all of the energy savings your health and comfort in the home will also be improved.



Third party testing has proved Super Spacer has the best thermal performance beating all other spacers common in the industry today.  Super Spacer came out on top in categories like condensation resistance, edge of glass temperature, effective thermal conductivity and total IGU factor.


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