Syracuse Replacement Windows

Are you in the market for Syracuse Replacement Windows?  As with a lot of things you have many choices when looking for new windows for your home.  One thing to think about is the type of windows you have now and what you would like to have installed.  Do you want to replace the windows with the same type of window? 

Here is a short explanation of the types of windows in the Syracuse, NY area-

  -Double Hung Window-   Up and Down movement

  -Sliding Window-   Side to Side Sliding movement

  -Casement Window-   Crank Out Style

  -Picture Window-  Solid Window that does not open

  -Bay/Bow Window-  Extends out from the wall in the center

  -Awning Window-  Opens from the bottom and swings up

  -Hopper Window-   Opens from the top and swings in and down

Other options for Syracuse Replacement Windows are colors of the window frame and sash, glass package options and screen options.  Although white is the number one seller, Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse offers many color options to choose from.  Popular glass package options are dual pane with argon gas and low-e coatings and for maximum energy efficiency you can opt for triple pane glass with Krypton gas installed.  Several screen choices are also available like, better vue screens that you can see out of with minimal interference and pet screens that are built very heavy duty to hold up to dog and cat claws. 

Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse offers Free No-Obligation consultations to show homeowners all their options to choose new replacement windows for their home.  Our window professional will show you each part of the window while explaining how it works and help you decide the best choices for your home.  In addition you will be shown all available financing options to help you make your decision with all the information in front of you.


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Why to Consider New Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are, in many ways, the “ultimate” window. They are large, bright, and fully functional. They are a great way to bring in light into your property while protecting your home from the outdoors, all while serving an important purpose in the home.

Having the right sliding glass door is important. While each door is made to last, there are going to be times when you find that your door needs replacement.

The Advantages to New Sliding Glass Door Installation

Visually, sliding glass look similar to how they’ve looked for decades. But the technology of sliding glass doors has improved dramatically. These doors are now built in ways that are:

·         More Energy Efficient

·         Longer Lasting/Stronger

·         Smoother for Opening and Closing

There are design difference as well, and while some of these differences are subtle, they add a class and sophistication that simply were not possible with the sliding doors of the past.

Have you Considered a New Sliding Door?

It’s easy to delay replacing your sliding glass doors. For many, it’s not your priority in your home. But there are times when replacing these doors makes a great deal of sense, including:

·         Your door is leaking heat or water (and possibly wasting energy).

·         Your door is not opening and closing smoothly.

·         Your door is fogging from moisture.

Of course, if your door is broken in any way it is time for a replacement, and if you simply want a new style because your door has grown too old for your home’s décor, replacing your door should be your priority.

Patio Door Installation and Replacement in Cicero, NY

Here at Universal Windows Syracuse, we help those in Cicero and Syracuse, New York replace their sliding glass doors with beautiful, perfectly installed new doors. Our costs are affordable, our team is efficient, and we are ready to assist you with your patio door replacement. Call us today at (315) 288-6855 to find out more.



Syracuse Window Companies    

If you live in the Syracuse, NY area and need new windows you may seem overwhelmed with what to do and who to call.  If you have reached this website then you are searching on the internet for your new project.  Other than a referral from a trusted friend, the internet is probably the best place to look for a Syracuse window contractor. 

So with all the choices, who do you call?  Well lets see what is important when hiring a Syracuse window company.  You want to hire a reputable company that has been in business for a while that has a good track record of completing the same type of projects.  Other important aspects are the company needs to have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance on all of its employees. 

But how do you know what window companies are the best to call?  Check their google reviews online.  Ask friends and family members in the Syracuse area if they have any recommendations.  Take note of any yard signs you may see of other companies working in the neighborhood.  You may have to actually have the company come out to give an estimate to get all the information you need to make a decision to see if they are one you want to have work on your home.

One Syracuse Window Company that meets the above requirements is Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse.  Founders Bill Barr and Mike Strmac started Universal Windows Direct in April 2002 with the goal of providing the best quality replacement windows, siding and doors to homeowners at reasonable prices.  Since then we have installed several hundred thousand windows and doors while making customer satisfaction our #1 priority.  We carry $1 million liability insurance to protect you just in case anything would ever happen while we are on your property.  All of our workers are covered under workers compensation insurance.  All of our products carry a lifetime warranty to the purchaser and most are transferrable to a second homeowner.

So, if you are looking for a Syracuse Window Contractor, call Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse at 315-288-6855 or at . 


Energy efficient windows, siding and doors at value added pricing direct to the homeowner. 


0% financing is always available.

Signs a Window Needs Replacement

Most windows were designed to last. Whether the windows were already in place when you bought your home, or you replaced them yourself in the past 20 years, it is not uncommon to assume that your windows will always be there to bring in light and protect you and your family from the cold.

But the average window lifespan is only 10 to 20 years . In addition, windows can be affected by force, weather, not in temperature changes, and so much more. That means that, eventually, you will need to change your windows.

When Do Windows Need to Be Repaired?

If the windows shattered, repair is the obvious next step.  But sometimes, the need to repair a window may not be as obvious.  The following are some signs that your window may need to be repaired:

·         Energy Bill Has Increased

Your windows play a significant role in your energy expenditure. When they are working properly, your home’s heating and air conditioning system is more efficient.  But when your windows are starting to have problems, your heating and air conditioning costs are more likely to increase. Failed seals can reduce the energy efficiency of your windows.

·         There Are Gaps or Increased Numbers of Insects

Another sign that your window may need to be repaired, is an increased number of pests that seem to find ways and your property, or small cracks that never seem to close all the way. Anytime you have even the smallest gap in your window, insects, cool air, and other issues become increasingly common. 

·         You Want a New One

The look of windows has changed considerably in the last 20 years.  Now, there are windows that are more modern, Windows that are longer lasting, and windows that provide the look that you want from your property. You do not have to wait until your windows are falling apart before you replace them.  There are many amazing styles of windows that are perfect for homes across Syracuse, NY that increase your home’s value and give it a more modern look.

Window does not operate properly

Sometimes the window will not open or close properly.  The balance system may be broken causing the window to not stay up when opened or not open at all.  Broken locks and latches are also very common in old windows and can be a safety problem if they are not working properly. 

Degraded Vinyl Windows

Many older windows are made of lower grade vinyl causing it to degrade over time.  Discoloration, cracking, chipping and warping are many issues you may experience.  New vinyl windows from Universal Windows Syracuse are only made from 100% virgin vinyl to ensure a lifetime of performance.

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